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iShadow Application Suite

iShadow Application Suite update is in Beta testing and will be available shortly.


iShadow Application Suite is a perfect toolset for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp support and troubleshooting with scalability adequate for a large server farm implementation yet is affordable for small deployments.

Designed to simplify system maintenance, improve up-time and reduce overall cost of ownership through built-in support for industry best practices.

Delegated security model provides administrator-like capabilities without elevated privileges and no associated security risks including non-admin shadowing and password management.

Simple Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp optimized installation.

Provides a broad spectrum of tools and capabilities

Server Management

With iShadow servers can be diagnosed with clear response indicators. iShadow allows server session lockdown, reboot and even abort pending reboots or shutdowns. Built-in support for service/process monitoring can alarm administrators when particular process or service starts or terminates. It can even attempt restarting failed s service automatically after receiving automatic alert notification.

Session Management

Provides customizable multi-windowed access to session snapshot for one server, selected group of servers or the entire farm. Optimized user interface provides immediate uncluttered access to the most vital session information, while allowing drilldown to specialized features not available with similar applications. Color coding and pop-up alerts help to address personal responsiveness while reducing overall stress of managing hundreds of users in real-time situations. Has built-in support for user account lockout and password change/expiration. Supports both Citrix ICA and Microsoft RDS sessions. Sessions are resolved to actual user names and can no longer be confusing to identify.

Printer Audit

Provides unique ability to enumerate static and auto created printers per session or server. Lists printer status and properties. Gives the ability to clear pending jobs, pause, resume or even delete printers remotely.

Multi-Windowed shadowing

Advanced shadowing assures support for both Citrix ICA and Microsoft RDP protocols. In fact, iShadow allows cross-protocol shadowing which is not available with most existing shadowing applications. Sessions are organized in a well controlled windowed framework with ability to tile and minimize/maximize while maintaining clear indicators of session ownership. All shadowed sessions can be labeled with actual user names versus sometimes cryptic account names and can be tagged with convenient aliases by the administrator. iShadow provides the unique capability of monitoring session Performance Counters per each shadowed session.

Process monitoring

Process monitoring goes beyond standard process enumeration available with standard Citrix MetaFrame tools. Administrators can display processes per session, filter named user owned processes, display CPU and memory utilization per process as well as handle and thread count. No longer do administrators have to guess where that “coolapp.exe” came from since iShadow provides a complete execution path and all information regarding the binary – manufacturer, dates, file size etc.


iShadow provides granular control of what servers, sessions and users dedicated administrators can administer. This provides an opportunity to delegate administrative functions to business users without the risk of elevated privileges being available to non-technical users.


iShadow collects substantial quantity of data. This data can be analysed immediately or saved for further processing or archived. HTML, XML and ASCI text formats are supported.
More Features Available. Please go through this site to find more about iShadow Application Suite.

License discounts are offered when purchasing in 10-pack quantities. Each new license is offered with complimentary 1 year update/support subscription.

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