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Custom VDM CL-6 License BEC-PO-139464

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Custom VDM Console (“CL”) license for 6 machines. Do not purchase this product unless explicitly instructed by iShadow Sales.

CL license:

  • Targets Desktops with Windows 10, 11, Server 2016, 2019, 2022 Operating Systems.
  • License is issued per Computer name, user count is unlimited.

Sales Order Reference: BEC-SCO-157314 Customer PO No.: BC 4500102960 OFFER VIRTUAL DISPLAY MANAGER ORDER YEAR 2023 / BC 4500102960 – MAIL 28-08-2023 License and Support for 1 Year L130.57009.EN Virtual Display Manager Console 09/01/2023 EN License and Support for 1 Year NON-SPEC Teknica Software TLP 1-1 Non-Specific 6 31.50 189.00

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