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Other VDM Settings Available via VDM Menus


Fig. 21. SysTray menu. Note that multiple VDM configurations are available.

“About VDM…” menu

This menu displays a balloon with version and copyright information related to Virtual Display Manager


Fig. 22. Version and Copyright balloon

“Help” menu

Loads this document – VDMHelp.CHM. File location is assumed to be in the same directory as VDM.EXE. Support for Microsoft Help files (standard for most systems) is required.

“Check for Updates” menu

Allows quick check of the latest version available at via the local Web Browser.

“Suspend” menu

Sometimes it is desirable to reposition windows and/or maximize them without alignment to the Virtual Display grid. By selecting “Suspend” menu this can be easily achieved without affecting other windows that are already positioned according to the VDM configuration.

“Virtual Display Manager” menu

Loads VDM configuration screen. Use double click on VDM System Tray icon SysTray Icon as a shortcut to the same functionality.

“Available Configurations” menu

Serves quick access to all configurations that a available to the user. Default configuration to be loaded at application start is marked as “default”. Current configuration is noted with a check mark. Use “Refresh” submenu to re-enumerate configurations that were saved in User’s Registry via “Save” button at VDM Configuration Screen.

“Options” menu

Provides access to two submenus – “Use only when local” and “Show status”.

“Use only when local” menu

This menu disables VDM window scaling when working in remote sessions. This setting might be usefully when switching between multi-monitor local environment, remote sessions and back. This will preserve multi-monitor related position of individual windows and icon positions at individual monitors.

In case VDM is exclusively used with remote sessions it is recommended to keep this menu unchecked (default).

“Show status” menu

This menu animates System Tray icon for VDM thus indicating that application is operational. It is recommended to keep this feature disabled when running remote sessions via low bandwidth connections.

“Navigation Window” menu

Loads Navigation applet that simplifies window movement between Virtual Displays.

“Interoperability Mode” menu

This menu was depreciated. In previous versions it was addressing support for third party Virtual Displays (for example on Citrix Presentation Server). Starting with build third party monitor configurations are automatically detected and can be overwritten via “Combined Workspace” setting available within the Advanced Configuration screen.

“Exit” menu

Self explanatory – this menu unloads Virtual Display Manager. Note that windows will not be automatically repositioned from their original VDM maintained positions. However they will no longer be maintained in case they are changed manually or otherwise.

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