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VDM Shortcuts

To assist with maximized window placement on application launch with ability to differentiate between Virtual Displays based on the Document or URL targeted by the application under VDM control, a concept of “VDM Shortcuts” was introduced.

PIC.1. Creating VDM Shortcut
PIC.2. VDM Shortcut targeting specific URL or Document
PIC.3. VDM Shortcut’s Target

In essence, VDM engine can utilize a shortcut via VDMRun.exe (found in VDM\System32 folder) and specify, for example:

  • Target application name — Chrome.exe
  • Document or URL to open —
  • Virtual Display to use “Force maximize at start”
  • Deal with multiple document frames

Here is a shortcut Target from the example above:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\VDM\System32\VdmRun.exe" 2562 . "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"

With this example, Chrome browser window is to open the target URL and maximize to Virtual Display #2. Since “First maximize only” is not checked, that instance of Chrome will always maximize to Virtual Display #2.

Additional considerations:

  • Once created, shortcuts can be moved to desired location.
  • Creating multiple shortcuts and combining shortcut code into a batch file could allow the load of multiple application instances targeting different documents or URLs with desired window placements per assigned Virtual Displays.

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