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Welcome to VDM 4.x Beta!

Preview build (Jul 22, 2024)
VDM multi-monitor

What to expect

We are excited to introduce you to our latest software release, VDM 4.x Beta. Designed to improve your digital workspace experience, this version brings a host of powerful features and enhancements to meet your evolving needs. As a beta version, we value your feedback and participation in shaping the future of our product. This page should help you getting started with VDM 4.x, exploring its features, and providing valuable insights to help us refine and improve our software. Join us on this exciting journey. Let’s dive in and discover the possibilities together!

Physical Monitors

Seamlessly add, remove, and configure multiple physical monitors. Capture and restore multi-monitor configurations with snapshot functionality. This is an experimental feature, be ready to adjust monitor placements manually as needed.

Native Teleconferencing Compatibility

Collaborate with virtual display support for popular teleconferencing software such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and many others.

Incognito Mode

Protect sensitive information with our “Incognito Mode” feature, which allows you to safeguard selected windows or entire applications from screenshots, screen printing, and remote sharing. If needed, desktop icons can be hidden as well.

Local or Remote sessions

VDM 4.x has undergone rigorous testing with leading platforms like Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, and more. Enjoy seamless performance and compatibility across various local and remote session environments.

Scripting Support

PowerShell support in enumerating VDM configuration features along with ability to change VDM settings.

Multi-monitor DPI awareness

Our software now adapts to varying DPI settings, ensuring automatic user interface scaling for a consistent experience across different monitor setups.

Virtual Desktops

Experience VDM’s capabilities on a wide range of Microsoft Windows 10/11 and Windows Server versions, enabling efficient virtual desktop management.

Monitor Affinity

Handle transitions between numerous supported configurations with monitor affinity support, optimizing your workflow across different setups, reducing or even eliminating the need for window rearrangement for each transition.

Fluent Configuration

Enjoy a significant improvement in creating complex virtual display configurations with fluent editing capabilities, providing you with greater flexibility and control.

Global Reach: Virtual Display Manager's Multilingual Localization

With a global reach in mind, Virtual Display Manager has been meticulously localized into 10 languages, ensuring that users worldwide can seamlessly utilize our application. Our commitment to providing an enhanced user experience has led us to offer localization support for English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, and Portuguese.

We take pride in our diverse language options, allowing users from different backgrounds and regions to fully engage with Virtual Display Manager. By offering localization in multiple languages, we aim to break down barriers and facilitate meaningful interactions with our application. We believe that language should never be a hindrance when it comes to accessing and benefiting from Virtual Display Manager.

We greatly value the input and preferences of our community, and we are open to further suggestions for additional translations. If there are languages you would like to see supported, we encourage you to request them from the community. Your feedback helps us shape the future of Virtual Display Manager and ensures that it remains accessible and useful to users worldwide.

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