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Welcome to VDM 4.x Beta!

Preview build (May 13, 2024)
VDM multi-monitor

VDM Beta releases

Throughout the VDM Beta phase, we’ll keep you updated with details about the features and fixes included in each individual VDM Beta build. While the information here may not cover every detail, we encourage you to take advantage of the feedback option accessible from this page. Don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions or share your valuable suggestions – we’re here to assist and improve!
  • 2024, 2024-May-13
    – More features for Virtual Display Manager integration with PowerShell 
    – VirusTotal false-positive scans: LINK, 2024-May-11
    – First introduction of Virtual Display Manager integration with PowerShell 
    – Fix for RiverTuner
    – Fix for Microsoft MSConfig
    – VirusTotal false-positive scans: LINK, 2024-May-08
    – Improved support for full screen VMware Workstation
    – Updated Microsoft Blender support
    – VirusTotal false-positive scans: LINK, 2024-Mar-21
    – Updated Virtual Desktop timer (ability to auto-switch between Virtual Desktops)
    – Introducing Import/Export of VDM 4.x configuration
    Microsoft Edge high DPI issue resolved
    – VirusTotal false-positive scans: LINK, 2024-Feb-16
    – Improved Windows 11 23H2 Virtual Desktop support
    – VirusTotal false-positive scans: LINK, 2024-Feb-13
    – Improved handling of Adobe Photoshop.
    – Updated Telegram Messenger full-screen video playback.

    – Fix to NVIDIA GeForce Experience screen overlay.
    – VirusTotal false-positive scans: LINK, 2024-Feb-5
    – Improved handling of Microsoft RDP Client, aka MSTSC. Now maximized MSTSC windows can be easily moved between virtual displays or physical monitors with the help of VDM Viewer applet.
    – VirusTotal false-positive scans: LINK, 2024-Jan-26
    Vivaldi Browser full-screen video playback improvement
    – Improved handling of Microsoft Aero transparency previously resulting in “gaps” between maximized windows
    – VDM installer/uninstaller improvements
    – VirusTotal false-positive scans: LINK

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