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Virtual Time Machine

Virtual Time Machine is designed to provide runtime adjustment of computer clock per application. “Reclocking” of the entire Explorer shell along with all child applications is also supported.

Virtual Time Machine Last build [vtm_new] ([vtm_date]). Downloads page

This is how it works:

  • Select desired application
  • Provide directory (optional) to execute application from
  • Enter command line parameters (optional). For example, URL when targeting Web Browser, or a document name to open
  • Choose desired time zone

At this point application can be launched directly from VTM via “Run” command or added to “Favorites”, with optional Windows shortcut creation.

Application started through VTM should be aware that the runtime clock is set to the desired time zone. The actual system clock will not be changed.


If you like to test a Web Browser under VTM, try the following link to a digital clock at

Note that some applications start new application instances as child processes of the original application instance that is not controlled with VTM. In these cases original application should be closed prior to VTM controlled application launch. Example applications – new Web Browsers with multi-tab capabilities such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

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