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iShadow Desktop

RDP, ICA and VNC multi-session client

iShadow Desktop screen

iShadow Desktop Last build [ishd_new] ([ishd_date]). Download is available here.


  • iShadow Desktop provides RDP, ICA and VNC client capabilities
  • Application supports large number of sessions – 50+
  • Designed for seamless integration with multiple monitors
  • Multiple sessions can be grouped to launch together or one by one on a preset timer
  • Session windows can be grouped, docked-undocked, tiled etc.
  • Connection settings can be securely saved as “Favorites”, edited, imported or exported via encrypted file (256-bit encryption)
  • Saved shortcuts can be used as templates for new connections.
  • Session input can be turned on – off with support for a “View Only” mode including sessions that are shadowing other users.
  • Connection configuration can be imported from RDP files created with Microsoft mstsc.exe client
  • Session can be configured to fit available window space on launch
  • Client independent auto-reconnect feature including target port status indicator allowing for automated reconnect on machine reboot
  • Built-in screen capture and image editor that supports PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP and TIFF image formats

iShadow Desktop Interface

FIG.1. iShadow2Go and iShadow Desktop screenshot (varies by OS and version)


FIG.2. Same set of sessions in full screen mode. Note that Favorites are accessible via pool-down toolbar. Individual toolbars can be shown or hidden to conserve valuable screen space.

iShadow Desktop Last build [ishd_new] ([ishd_date]). Download is available here.

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