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iShadow Docs: Portability


iShadow2Go is a “no-install” version of iShadow Desktop. It is delivered on a custom UD-RW USB media and is located on a read-only CDROM partition that presents itself to the computer as a usb-mounted CDROM device. User configuration is saved within the read-write FLASH partition on the same device.

iShadow2Go secure USB media

Fig. 1. iShadow2Go USB media

Configuration is encrypted and consists of two files – *.TEC (configuration file) and *.TEH (history file).

Although most of the functionality in iShadow2Go is identical to iShadow Desktop there are important differences:


iShadow Desktop is licensed per user (unless purchased as part of iShadow Application Suite where it is licensed per server). iShadow2Go is licensed per USB device it is distributed on, i.e. multiple users on multiple computers can use iShadow2Go without any additional license fees outside the original USB/license purchase.


iShadow2Go does not require any installation of the software on the target machine – all required binaries are located on the iShadow2Go USB media. That includes no requirement to install of Citrix ICA client which is “packaged” with iShadow2Go with permission from Citrix Systems, Inc. iShadow Desktop on another hand is governed by Citrix client download policies and requires a separate download directly from Citrix. While Microsoft RDP client is ubiquitous for most modern Windows machines and thus is not built into iShadow2Go, VNC support is provided with both iShadow Desktop and iShadow2Go.

Please note that iShadow Desktop requires administrative privileges to install at the time when iShadow2Go does not have this requirement.


Both applications come with standard support policy for 1 year no cost updates including major version releases. iShadow Desktop is updated via the download of a new version which can automatically uninstall the previous build preserving original user configuration configuration.

iShadow2Go USB media is read-only thus it is requires a separate application to update the firmware on the USB media — “Burner2Go.exe” available within the lifetime of the support subscription (1-year subscription is provided with original purchase). Administrative privileges are required when updating the firmware.


Fig. 2. Burner2Go – automated burner application to transfer iShadow2Go to UD-RW USB media

To update read-only iShadow2Go binaries use Burner2Go.exe available to all iShadow2Go customers with current subscription (original purchaser is provided with 1-year complimentary support/update subscription).

Read-write flash partition contains user configuration and possibly other files that user stores on iShadow2Go media. Although there is an option to preserve this information during the update it is recommended to backup iShadow2Go configuration by either manually saving all information from the flash drive or by using backup capability of iSadow2Go to external media (will preserve the configuration, other files should be saved manually)

To start “Burning” process, launch the Burner2Go application. Make sure it is running from non-iShadow media. Insert iShadow2Go media into USB 1.1/2.0 compatible port. “Burn Image” button will be activated as soon as authorized media is found. If you plan to update multiple usb stick check “Autoload new devices” check box. To preserve read-write media check corresponding check box.

Click “Burn Image” button when ready. In case “Preserve read-write data” was checked you will see the automatic backup to the Temporary folder (removed after restore is done). When the burning process is over you will see usb stick ID and the number of stick “burned” will be incremented by 1. When done – close Burner2Go application.


iShadow Desktop configuration file is user specific and cannot be used by another individual unless it is exported to a backup file first and then restored. This is a precaution from making configuration files vulnerable when PIN is blank (blank PIN is not recommended).
iShadow2Go configuration is device specific and can be shared with other devices or even exchanged with iShadow Desktop through the backup-restore process.


It is recommended to backup your configuration to a separate backup file *.TEX when updating either iShadow Desktop or iShadow2Go. iShadow2Go has an automatic backup-restore feature during the update process.

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