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iShadow Docs: Session Windows

Each session has customizable screen caption and session status indicator. Here is a list of available connection states:

  • Grey for disconnected sessions
  • Red for sessions with a severe error status (usually related to the network connectivity)
  • Yellow when connection is in progress
  • Blue when connection is established
  • Green when logon was successful

Session windows are grouped within the main window via tabbed windows or as traditional MDI windows.

MDI and Tab view

Fig. 1. MDI and Tab View menu options

Individual session can be controlled via right-click on the tab (when in Tab View).

Selected window menu

Fig. 2. Tabbed session windows (default)

Another option for session control – click on the arrow  Selected window menu launcher  on the session taskbar (when the session taskbar is enabled).

Session menu

Fig. 3. Session menu

When in Tabbed mode windows can be grouped together into groups. Sessions can be displayed side by side or one session at a time.

MDI Window example

Fig. 4. MDI view of session windows

When in MDI mode windows can be:

  • Tiled horizontally and vertically
  • Cascaded
  • Arranged when minimized

When one main window is overcrowded with sessions any active or disconnected session window sessions can be split into additional group windows identical in appearance to the main window via [Window]-[New Windows Group] menu. In fact, all group windows are independent “main windows” and can display their own copy of Favorites (both tree and menus).

Moving sessions between different group windows can be accomplished by clicking on the undock    button. “Select Target Window Group” dialog will assist you in selecting available window group (the current window group will not be displayed).

Individual session windows can be also undocked from the group and displayed as a standalone window. Undocking process is done from session toolbar where undocking button is located.

All these changes do not affect session state – active sessions will not be disconnected. Undocked windows can be docked back via dock    button

Undocked session window

Fig. 5. In this example connection “HE” represents a standalone session window. Note the absence of the main window status bar characteristic of the group window – only session specific status bar is displayed.

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